Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Impact of My Work...

I recently received this email from someone I had sessioned with a couple of years ago. 

Oh Ms Steele,

I just wanted to write you and tell you how much you've meant to me.  I doubt that you would remember me.  I came to you only 2 times. I pierced my nipples to  endure the pain that I relished from you then you were so gracious as to let me serve you one more time be for I went to Australia for a un conventional cancer treatment.  Its been nearly 2 years since you allowed me to to taste your discipline and sweet  juices.  Im back in the state s now and I've been given a  85% chance. which is 80% better than the doctors here gave me.    I just wanted you to know that as often as I could I looked at your website and the stunning pictures of you as a source as encouragement.  Your beauty and stern demeanor helped me on those difficult days  of treatment.  Of course my family connections were important but no one will ever know except you how the brief time spent with you gave me so much encouragement.   On those days when I was lying on the bed getting those painful treatments  I would close my eyes And picture myself with you.  Even today I can close my eyes and see you.   You truly helped to save my life.   Thank you.
This is one of the most profound examples of why I love doing the work I do!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Final Liberation of a Sex Slave!

This erotic fantasy story was written by one of My long time slaves. How kinky!

An Afternoon to remember or the final liberation of a sex slave.
It was a brutally hot afternoon in July. Atlanta's temperature hovered in the 100's as I was driving towards the home of my Mistress Julia Steele, a fabulous dominatrix, a tantalizing temptress and vamp. I have been enslaved by this gorgeous Mistress for over 3 years, worshipping, serving, obeying, and suffering. She has successfully changed my life from boring and routine to a level of excitement totally unexpected. Before I met her, I cannot remember being sent to the edges of the universe by her powerful use of hands, fingers, whips, crops and paddles as well as electrics, clamps and many other tools.

Today however will be a new challenge. Will I be up to it? Or fail? She challenged me to have a session not just with her but with a transsexual Domme. I never even had a session with more than my Mistress. But I eagerly accepted the quest. Now, I am almost at her abode. The heat or nervousness made me perspire as I knocked on her door. There she was as beautiful as ever. Tall, sunkissed with undulating curves where they belonged. Up the stairs and I was led into the dungeon. Here I met a tall, pale, and darkhaired girl with a slim and almlost girlish figure. This was the T/S Domme? Soon, my naked body was secured to chains hanging from the ceiling as both Dommes worked me over- nipples, cock and balls, in between both used crops and other instruments on my ass and back. The new mistress, Mistress Aura, gave me more than love pats, but not really painful either. Next, I was secured sitting on the bench as both alternated to spit into my mouth. Then, they disrobed the upper part and seeing my own Mistress's most wonderful bosom gave me a great thrill, as ever. But Mistress Aura had smaller tits with large and very red nipples, what a difference, and yet all of them were excitingly beautiful. I was blindfolded and had to suck tits to determin which Mistress' nipples I was sucking. As I knew Mistress Julia's so well it was easy, but the other tits were turning me on as well. Next, I heard more clothes beeing discarded, and I felt a warm strong presence on my left nipple. When the blindfold was removed I realised that it was Mistress Aura's cock pressing into my small nipples. Having never seen or experienced any penis but my own, I grew very arroused. Her dick was so lovely that I lost all my fears. Next I was kneeling on the floor and first Ms. Julia rode the hairy top of my head, and glancing up I could sense more than see her glorous pussy. Next came Ms. Aura to rub her ass on my head, but now, looking up I saw that Eiffel Tower or some thing like it sticking over my forehead. Soon came the moment of truth. Ms. Aura's cock was properly sheathed and standing above me with 7 inches of now erecting penis just in front of my face. I looked and I loved. I kissed and fondled all that was in front of me. I shed all reservations and started kissing and sucking. Soon I had the cock in my right cheek, than my left, next down the middle and I found my desires burning to please this Mistress with a dick. I almost did not notice that Ms .Julia was toying with my ass and shoving a vibrator up it. The dual sensations were almost too much for me.

What an experience! And what a liberation for my mind from the buergoise upbringing. It did feel good to do something unapproved by society, but I can respect every form of human behavior other than violence and killing. Will Mistress Julia ask me again for a dual session? I hope so.

Double Sessions with TS Mistress Aura!

I am now offering double sessions with Atlanta's most beautiful and kinky TS Mistress Aura.  Your fantasy of serving two sensual, kinky, hot Mistresses (one packing something extra down below) can now become a reality.  The possibilities are endless, sluts!  Monday through Friday availability after 7pm, and all day weekends.  Tribute starts at $400/hr.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

You will start by giving My feet a tongue-bath...

And, then....

Let your imaginations run wild, sluts!

Sunday, January 15, 2012